You are Youtuber? You have a blog? A Facebook group or page that deals with the subject? You are simply passionate about the subject and you want to talk about it and let your friends and family know about BAM? You are at the right time and at the right place!

The affiliation system prefigures the economy of tomorrow, a fairer economy that rewards the actors of a project.

For example, when we buy ads from our friends at GAFAM (mainly Google, Youtube, Facebook), they are the ones who collect the money on your behalf if you promote something, since they are the ones who charge for the ad!

By joining the BAM affiliation program, you will receive a unique personalized link that you can place on your Facebook or Instagram posts (or others), in your blog posts, in emails sent to your friends... each time a web user clicks on your link and rents the movie on our streaming platform, you immediately receive 10% of the transaction amount (minus the operating costs) on the bank or paypal account you provided when you registered.

Everything is better detailed on the affiliation page (red button below), but write to us if you don't understand or can't get it. If you want photos of the film or specific excerpts to make videos, do not hesitate to ask us for them.

Registration is of course free: you will be asked to enter a bank or Paypal account, but this is to receive money, not to give it away! Thank you!

(be lenient because the French text is translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator 😊)