This film is 100% independent. It was made on the fringes of the classic financing system, supported by 2973 contributors, private investment and the active participation of people and companies.


It took me 10 years to find the money to produce it. It was hacked in 2012 on YouTube, then torrent, streaming and so on.

It has generated over 100 million views on YouTube worldwide to date!

The French press only talked about it to denigrate it violently, and despite its multiple broadcasting on the French channel RMC Découverte for years, the production company went bankrupt and the investors lost their stake...

As a result, nobody wanted to invest in BAM.

It took me another 10 years to produce this new film.
BAM received no subsidies or credits, was not pre-bought by any distributor or TV channel (it was just sold in France in December 2019 to RMC Découverte for a small amount, which has nothing to do with the channel's upstream participation): a quarter of the budget comes from crowdfunding, screenings and merchandising and the rest from private investors, people and companies, who have not yet been paid and to whom Jayan Films, the production company, therefore owes money.

BAM was released in France on streaming for its contributors on October 31, 2018, 12 days before the public streaming release. The very next day, it was pirated, put online and relayed on social networks by detractors, who largely incited to pirate it in order to prevent the financing of other films. Today, free streaming sites broadcast it to make money with the advertising links that open on their pages and the sale of e-mail addresses.

So for this reason, streaming is only US$ 4.

I'm willing to keep fighting as I did to be able to offer films like BAM, but without your help, it's impossible, because streaming is the main way to amortize the production cost of the film, and in case of profits to finance others.

At US$ 4, we have to sell large numbers: if this price is low, it's so that everyone can see it.

I've only been able to make two films on the subject in 20 years.
But you can help us do better by renting BAM on our platform and promoting the link!

Because the only advertising, and the best of all, is done by you and I thank you for it.
Thank you for your time 😊 

Director of BAM.